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If you would like your attraction, restaurant, guest-house, event or anything else featured in a post, contact us on  We don’t ask for payment for posts, but I would appreciate it if you issue us an invitation to visit your attraction, stay at your guest-house, eat at your restaurant, come to your event or take part in your activity at no expense.  As we tend to take a lot of photographs where ever we go and thus often do more than one post, you will receive fair exposure in exchange for the value by being featured on the blog.  You will benefit in these three ways:   1.  You will get direct exposure for your brand amongst our readership and even though the visit is sponsored the posts stay impartial and honest and won’t be an advertorial.

2.  Firefly the Travel Guy links to a number of Facebook pages as well as our Twitter profile.  Pictures could also be posted individually on Facebook as well as our Instagram profile.  

3.  If you have a website, we will insert a link to your website to the posts featuring your product as well as tagging you on Facebook.   Please drop us an e-mail at to discuss the following services:

  • Hosting us to experience your product or attraction,
  • To publicise or attend an event,
  • Host a giveaway or competition on the blog,
  • Introduce your company or product,
  • Request a product review,
  • Feature in your magazine, newspaper, radio show, television program or blog