Video shoot on the beach

I stopped along Beach Road on Thursday morning to enjoy the nice weather we had for a change and noticed a bit of activity going on at Denville Beach next to McArthur Pool.  It was way to early for people to just be on the beach and then I noticed the with the camera.  They seem to have been busy shooting for a video of some sort.  Wish more people would do shoots on our beautiful beaches and around the city.
UPDATE: Thanks to Grant Slater for the info.  The production was done by Sunshine Coast Studios and they were shooting the Christmas Worship special for SABC 2. Tune in to see great shots of PE, fun beach footage, and the amazing Erica girls choir singing Christmas Carols in the glorious St John’s Methodist. Christmas Day, SABC 2 @ 10am.

Summer in winter

Any visitor from outer space who landed up in Port Elizabeth over this weekend would have been very mistaken to think that it is the middle of summer.  With temperatures touching 30C, people seem to be have summer withdrawal symptoms and flocked to the beaches in numbers you rarely see in summer.  Check out how packed Pollok Beach was on this Sunday afternoon.