Ironman supporters

This past weekend was Ironman weekend in the Bay and Port Elizabeth showed off as usual. Beautiful weather, great scenery and, most importantly, excellent support.  One of the things most Ironman visitors to PE comment about is the support along the course.  We headed out to Seaview Road at Grass Roof and joined a couple of hundred other supporters cheering on the Ironman competitors on the cycle leg. 

The Lovemore Heights Chrismas House lights turning on this weekend

One of the pre-Christmas highlights in Port Elizabeth is the Lovemore Heights Chrismas House’s annual event where they turn on the lights,  After skipping last year for personal reasons, the Grootendorst family and all their helpers are coming out guns (or in this case Chrismas lights) blazing this year with a full program this coming Saturday evening.  The Lovemore Heights Chrismas House is located at the top of Melsetter Road and if you want to get a good spot for the evening you better make sure you come early as it looks like there’s going to be a lot of people.  The road is going to be closed so a good spot to park will be on the Charlo side of the water reservoir, a short walk down the hill.
Here is the programme for the evening of 2 December 2017:  
18H00-19H00:  The LoveMore Mascots will be out on patrol. Come take some photos with your favorite characters.
18H30 -19H15:  Young singers will entertain us with Christmas songs.
19H00: Parade from upper St Clair’s Way down Edmonds Road to 24 Melsetter Road.  The parade includes the Algoa Calendonian Pipe Band, Santa and Mrs Claus along with the Elves and dancing girls with ribbons.  Everyone is welcome to walk down with them.
19H30: The programme starts at 24 Melsetter Road Lovemore Heights
Opening master of ceremony
Stephen Moore
Opening Prayer
Eastern Cape Junior Children Choir
Largo Vocal Ensemble preforming
Christmas carols sing along
Switching on of the lights
Natasha Tait Dance Studio
Algoa Calendonian Pipe Band
Photos can be taken with Santa

My Geocaching family

This morning I attended a Geocaching event to kick off the Friend League challenge over the next few weeks.  The challenge is pirate themed and involved finding the Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde.  We’re not really sure ourselves how exactly the challenge is going to go, but the reason for this post is to show you my Geocaching family.  Now this is a really special bunch of people.  Young and old, singles and families, students and retired people, some more well off than others, but none of this matters when we’re Geocaching.  I love these guys. 

#ECMeetUp food

I attended the third Eastern Cape blogger meetup event at The Plantation this morning and there was food.  I mean it was great networking, meeting fellow bloggers, awesome talks and… food. Ok, so I’m not going to post about the event and all the great bloggers who attended, but I am going to show you the food The Plantation dished up for us.  The first thing you saw when you arrived was the pancake table.  Pancakes coming straight off the pan to be topped with all this. 
I decided to mosey over to the Mastertons Coffee table first for a cappuccino and only then back to the pancake table to join the line over there.  I wasn’t the only one to have sweets for breakie.
The pancake aftermath.
If breakfast had starters then this was it…
… and this.
And finally breakfast.  If you are curious about what was going on at the event, who was there, what we did and more, then go and check out the #ECMeetUp hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Splash Festival crowds

It was Splash Festival time again this Easter weekend and after a bit of a damp squib on Friday, the rest of the weekend turned out rather nicely.  I spent some time at Splash as part of the Luister FM outside broadcast on Sunday and was quite impressed with the amount of people around.  When the wresting started the crowd watching was a bit thin but it quickly grew when Kurt Darren did a performance between two of the early bouts.

Other than the normal two stages with entertainment along with all the stalls, this year had some action packed water and beach sports activities as well with jet ski racing, beach volleyball and beach rugby.

No better way to explore PE than with an Amazing Race

A couple of weeks ago I participated in the annual SAACI Amazing Race along with my friend Stefan of Fish River Sun.  These Amazing Race type fundraisers is a great way to explore the city and take participants to places they’ve never been to or haven’t been to for a while.  It does also bring out a very competitive streak in people and once the race gets going the adrenaline literally pumps the whole time.
Selfies made up a big part of the race requirements and the first picture was taken at the first stop at Pine Lodge when were were still fresh and bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I’m only posting some of the selfies taken at recognisable locations.   
A quick stop at the South African Airforce Museum behind the airport
The Horse Memorial
Exhausted after a run through St George’s Park to visit various spots in the park
Mandela at the Athenaeum building 
Castle Hill Nr 7 after a dash down the road from the Athenaeum
Sucking in lungs full of air after another dash for answers at Fort Frederick.
After starting in about 8th or 9th after the first task we maintained a position varying between 4th and 6th most of the way before jumping into second spot at the second last Road Block.  A position we retained to the end. 

The final Great Moscow Circus performance in PE

I got to attend the final performance of the Great Moscow Circus in Port Elizabeth tonight (Sunday 26 Feb) before the pack up and move on to Durban.  Wow, what a performance.  I commented earlier in the week how I felt that it is affordable to take a family to see the show and I stick to that statement, but after seeing the setup and all the equipment I realise why it is so expensive.  Just a pity that so many people would not be able to experience what we experienced last night.  I think the first thing to point out is that this is a modern circus so there are absolutely no animal acts.  Everything are done and features people and their abilities.
Although each and every act was exceptional in it’s own way, there were three headline acts that really stood out.  The opening act featured trampolinists who absolutely amazed with their performance.  The second was the four guys on the revolving circles (first picture) and was probably my favorite act of the night.  The closing act featured one, then two, then three, four and ultimately, for the first time in South Africa, five motorcycles in a metal globe.  A globe which then opened and had three circling in the top section and two in the bottom.  
Miggie had a few anxious moments during the show…
… even closing her eyes a couple of times.  
A big thanks to my friend Poekie who was able to organise me tickets at the last minute.  Jy is a vriendin duisend.
Just a footnote about this and other events that come to Port Elizabeth.  It’s really a great pity that bloggers aren’t seen as “mainstream media” enough when media invites are sent out when something like this comes to town.  Newspapers and radio stations are included and get to promote the event after first hand experiencing it yet bloggers, with what is often a very good reach of their own, don’t.  I know of a few bloggers who bought tickets and went, then posted about it on their various social media platforms, but why doesn’t PR companies see them as influential enough to invite them along with traditional media as they do in Cape Town and Johannesburg?  I shared a number of photos and videos on various platforms in addition to this post, but in all essence it’s really just showing people how a good time we had as it was the last show and it wouldn’t be able to influence anybody to go and buy a ticket for a subsequent show.  Who knows, cause I don’t?  Anyway, enough of that.