Chokka Boats and the source of calamari

Chokka boats in Algoa Bay Fishing boats out in Algoa Bay and St Francis Bay are regular sights to residents and visitors of Port Elizabeth, Jeffrey's Bay and St Francis. These boats can often be seen taking shelter in the bays when bad weather is forecasted and at night it looks like a town out … Continue reading Chokka Boats and the source of calamari

Sunday afternoon fishing off the rocks

I'm not a fisherman not an angler.  I just don't have the patience for it.  What with a spot of ADD in the middle age now that I've been called middle aged on a public platform.  But do you know the difference between an angler and a fisherman?  Apparently fishermen actually catch fish while anglers … Continue reading Sunday afternoon fishing off the rocks

Fishing on Heritage Day

Today is National Heritage Day, an official public holiday instituted by the government for everybody in this Rainbow Nation to celebrate their own heritage.  This day is also informally known as National Braai Day as a braai (barbecue) is an important part of most cultures in South Africa and thus closely linked to our collective heritages.  And … Continue reading Fishing on Heritage Day