The top of Pollok Beach

The top of Pollok Beach, spelled without a "c", with the lollipop beacon in the background. Pollok Beach was named after the Hotel Pollok that used to stand where the present Summer Seas complex is today. As development slowly started to happen in Summerstrand in the 1920s, Mr. J. Graham Wilson took advantage of a … Continue reading The top of Pollok Beach

A white December in PE?

December is the start of summer which means that, obviously, we celebrate a beach Christmas rather than a white one like in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Today is anything but a early summers day though. The south-easterly is pumping properly, the sea looks lank angry and foam is being washed and blown onto … Continue reading A white December in PE?

Sunday afternoon fishing off the rocks

I'm not a fisherman not an angler.  I just don't have the patience for it.  What with a spot of ADD in the middle age now that I've been called middle aged on a public platform.  But do you know the difference between an angler and a fisherman?  Apparently fishermen actually catch fish while anglers … Continue reading Sunday afternoon fishing off the rocks