Penguins at SANCCOB

The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds or SANCCOB centre at Cape Recife in Port Elizabeth does an amazing job as part of the conservation of the African Penguin, especially here in Algoa Bay. The centre was previously known as SAMREC and doesn't just play a huge role in conservation, but also … Continue reading Penguins at SANCCOB

Baby penguins in ICU

While scouting spots as stops for Miggie's Amazing Race for this past Saturday I popped into SAMREC.  I haven't been for a while and had a quick walk around the centre with Keith, one of the guides.  He told me they had a lot of babies in at the moment and I got to peek … Continue reading Baby penguins in ICU

Why were African Penguins previously called Jackass Penguins?

The African Penguin used to be called the Jackass Penguin.  A strange name for a penguin.  But how did it get that name? It is because the African Penguin's call sounds like a braying donkey.  Right, so now we have established that they sound like a donkey, but why were they called Jackass?  Donkey's are … Continue reading Why were African Penguins previously called Jackass Penguins?

SAMREC’s Must Touch Room

One of the attractions for visitors at SAMREC is the "Must Touch Room".  It allows interaction of the visitors, especially the kids, with different aspects of the marine environment.  There are just too many things to mention here, but visitors can touch shark teeth, a dolphin skull, stuffed marine birds and mammals, play games and learn lots … Continue reading SAMREC’s Must Touch Room