Sards dune ridge

Aaaahhhh, Sardinia Bay. One of my absolute favorite places. Last week we went to Sards for the first time since lock down started for sunset. And a beautiful sunset it was. It is winter though and as soon as the sun is gone it gets cold so we didn't hang around much longer. I did … Continue reading Sards dune ridge

Sunset at Sardinia Bay

The dune at Sardinia Bay is probably the best and most popular spot in Port Elizabeth to enjoy a beautiful sunset. We haven't been for ages and I got tired of seeing other people post photos of it on Facebook, so on Tuesday afternoon I made a suggestion to go when I got home from … Continue reading Sunset at Sardinia Bay

Animals in the Sardinia Bay Conservancy – Chasing the Rainbow

Chasing the Rainbow is a fellow travel blog based here in Port Elizabeth.  The blog is done by Sarah and Ralph Dirsuwei and covers mostly family travel which means that they involve their three sons Jacob, Luke and Cian.  The family lives in the Sardinia Bay area within the Sardinia Bay Conservancy.  For the last few months Jacob has … Continue reading Animals in the Sardinia Bay Conservancy – Chasing the Rainbow