Shark Rock Pier on a Sunday afternoon

Yesterday afternoon I found myself on the beach without my camera.  Perfect weather, emerald green great visibility ocean, clear air… What more could a guy ask for other than to have your camera.  Luckily I had my phone and I perched myself on a rock next to the pier for a picture.  Seconds later that little wave came and submerged my rock, soaking my shoes and tracksuit pants.  Didn’t mind though. 

Drone footage around Shark Rock Pier

I was very excited when I saw that Renaldo Gouws had uploaded some drone footage on YouTube again.  Renaldo may be best known for his political and social comment videos, but his drone videos truly are exceptional.  He has upload three which I will be sharing with you on Video Friday over the next three weeks.  The first one features Shark Rock Pier and surroundings.  Makes me wish I had the budget to get myself a toy like this as well. Enjoy.   

Shark Rock Pier compass

If you’ve ever been on the Port Elizabeth beachfront you would know Shark Rock Pier, one of Port Elizabeth’s most prominent and well known landmarks.  Most of us (and I say most of us because not everybody gets the opportunity to visit the beachfront on a leisure basis) have walked on the Pier, but have you ever noticed that there is a compass rose embedded in the paving just in front of the Pier?

Why we love The Pier – Herald LIVE

I don’t make videos for my blogs.  I wish I had time to do so, but it’s a luxury I don’t have much of.  Instead I have to normally surf the net and in particular YouTube to find videos to post for Video Friday.  I have seen a lot of good drone footage on Facebook lately, but its not on YouTube which seems to be the hitch as Blogger pulls videos from YouTube.  But I will have a look see to try and find out how to embed them.  This week I’m posting a short video by Herald LIVE posted in March on Why we love The Pier.