Ships at anchor in the Bay

If you look at old photos of Algoa Bay dating back to the late 70's and 80's (or even way back to the last 1800's), you would notice that there were always a number of ships laying at anchor in the bay.  These numbers dwindled and for a decade or two up to the time the … Continue reading Ships at anchor in the Bay

Harbour sunset

I love to photograph sunrises and sunsets.  Unfortunately I don't get myself up early enough in summer for a sunrise (although the chances are better to snap one in winter) I get sunset pics a bit more often (although not nearly as much as I would like to).  This sunset I snapped after cruising on … Continue reading Harbour sunset

Boarding the Sundays River Ferry

These days marketing a destination is all about experiencing that destination rather than just going there.  One of my favorite experiences around Port Elizabeth is cruising on the Sundays River Ferry and even though I have done some posts on it before, I have decided to do a series about it this week.  The photos used … Continue reading Boarding the Sundays River Ferry

The little tug that could

Everybody knows (I hope) the story of The Little Engine that could.  He of  "I—think—I—can, I—think—I—can" fame.  In this day and age where steam trains are becoming less and less one tends to wonder what else you can use as reference for that story.  Well, that is until you watch a harbour tug push and pull a … Continue reading The little tug that could