I got to visit Hole in the Wall

Regular follower of PE Daily Photo may have noticed (or at least I hope you noticed) that I have been MIA for two days.  I had to "pop" up to Coffee Bay for the quarterly Wild Coast Holiday Association meeting and struggled with my internet connection while there so couldn't post.  I'll catch up on … Continue reading I got to visit Hole in the Wall

Tsitsikamma, the gateway to the Garden Route

The Tsitsikamma truly is a special place.  This breathtaking stretch of the Garden Route is where mountains, indigenous forests, deep gorges and lush vegetation skirt the rugged coastline of cliffs and sandy beaches. The area has an abundance of indigenous flora – ancient yellowwood trees and magnificent fynbos plants – as well as birdlife.  For … Continue reading Tsitsikamma, the gateway to the Garden Route

This is Winter on the Wild Coast

With summer in full swing, the Wild Coast Holiday Association has just launched a destination promotion video promoting the Wild Coast as a winter destination for the upcoming winter season.  I'm sure a lot of the Wild Coast locals would ask you what winter is as they have stunning weather over this period and it's … Continue reading This is Winter on the Wild Coast

Expedition Africa Baviaans 2017 promo

Expedition Africa is the South African leg of the Adventure Racing World Series.  A race normally covers a distance of about 500 km during which teams of four (usually three men and a woman) cover the distance by running, cycling, paddling, swimming, climbing and doing rope work.  The teams have to plot the easiest way … Continue reading Expedition Africa Baviaans 2017 promo