Under Van Stadens bridge

It’s a weird feeling standing under the Van Stadens bridge. It’s not an angle many see it from and you get a much better idea of the size and magnitude of the bridge when you are underneath it. Then add the “kadoef kadoef” as the cars and trucks pass overhead. Definitely a weird feeling.

It’s an easy walk to get below the bridge from the bridge lookout picnic spot so you don’t have to do one of the longer trails to get to it. Go for it and go and check it out.

4 thoughts on “Under Van Stadens bridge

  1. Ek was al binne in die koepel van die brug so in die vroee 90,s Zsaam met Kobus Jonker, die koepel binne is in seksies opgedeel, amper soos groot vertrekke. Dis nogal iets wat ek altyd sal onthou


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