Marine Drive on the Wildside

Marine Drive along the Port Elizabeth beachfront and the Wildside all the way out to Schoenmakerskop probably has some of the best scenery in PE. Sea views, a rugged coastline, gullies to enjoy with kids, fishing spots, coastal fynbos, shipwrecks, whales and dolphins, hiking trails, nature reserves, picnic spots, camp sites, tons of photo opportunities and so much more.

Tsitsikamma cattle roadblock

We decided to break away to the Tsitsikamma for the day and rather than just driving in and out on the N2, we took the scenic R102. The three biggest industries in the area are forestry, tourism and dairy so everywhere along the way you pass plantations, dairy farms and accommodation and activity establishments. What we didn’t expect to encounter was a roadblock made up of cattle. As we crested a little hill I realised that there was something in the road about a kilometers ahead. And not something like a car or a person, but a lot of somethings. A herd of cows being moved down the road from one farm to another with the herdsman in front leading the way.

Rather than just sitting in the car I pulled over and we all hopped out to experience something that is very unusual for city slickers like us, being surrounded by a herd of cows in transit.

Being an 18 year old teenager, Chaos Boy didn’t really show any interest, but Miggie was a lot more excited and inquisitive about the whole thing.

We barely got going when the next herd appeared in the road. This one was moving a little faster with the two guys in the lead breaking out in a jog every now and then with the cows nipping at their heals.

This is what road trips and exploring on country roads is about. Experiences that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Late early still… is tired

I are tired… tired is I.  Probably more like exhausted.  Makes it feel even worse when you go home, got to stop at the shop and join a queue of 30 people to buy electricity (yes I know I’ve got to register to do it from my phone if I can find the time), pick up one of the kids and rush off to drop them back at school for their school concert (which is going to be all week), then back home to eat something before rushing to buy milk before the store close and pick up Drama Princes again.  Somewhere the sun went down way too early and I seem to remember that I snapped a pic to try and sum up my day.  And that was just today.  Did I mention the last few weeks have been something like that between work, family, work, kids, work, family, work and everything and everybody else wanting a piece of me?  Say what? It’s the first of August? Already? Or only? I need to recharge my batteries.

Constance Hair Salon

A couple of years ago the (not so) Grand Hotel in Central started to encourage small businesses to rent space on Whites Road to trade from what I think used to be garages. Not many took them up on the offer. Some of those who did painted the outside of their shops pink to try and attract the clientele. In this case pink doesn’t mean “Pink”. So if you need a hair cut, give Constance a call.