Road scenes of Nieu-Bethesda

Nieu Bethesda’s Dutch Reformed Church

The village of Nieu-Bethesda really is a special one. High on the to-do list of travelers wanting to visit the Owl House, learn more about fossils or just experience Karoo country life. It’s also somewhere to go and find yourself, recharge your soul and rediscover your being. Nieu-Bethesda only had dirt roads, no street lights nor a petrol station. The best way to explore the village is literally on foot with your camera in hand, something we did on a recent visit. Hope you enjoy the road scenes we encountered.

Dirt roads, rusty decorations and tourist signs
A historic roadsign like no other
The Owl House, Kitching Fossil Centre and a Karoo icon – windpomp and cement dam
Decorations at the Restaurant at Die Waenhuis
Historic houses with water furrows and beautiful gardens
One of the many little eateries and coffee shops in the village
Modern art mixed into the historic mix
An old stopsign you won’t see anywhere else
Exploring the roads on foot
The village general dealer
Late afternoon

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