A beachfront New Year timelapse

The past two weeks have been hectic.  I’ve been to the SATSA conference in Stellenbosch and a Karoo Heartland meeting in Jansenville, spent way too much time catching up (and I’m not even there yet) and in the process of all of this missed a few posts in the last week.  I even thought about just taking a break for a few weeks but then realised that somewhere I’ll have to catch up again. Anyhow, it’s Video Friday and today’s video is a time lapse by Chris Wright of the beachfront starting on New Yaer’s eve 31 December 2014 and ending on 2 January 2015.  I just loved the whole scene passing by.

Experience South Africa in one minute

I spent the week in Durban at the annual Tourism Indaba hosted by South African Tourism and can’t but help to feel very positive about the country’s tourism industry.  To tell the truth, tourism is the industry that has the potential to create the most jobs in South Africa and can become one of the keys to cutting down on the country’s unemployment rate.  But that isn’t what this post is about.  As it is Video Friday, I am sharing the latest SA Tourism promotional video.  Experiencing SA in one minute.  

Discover Freedom destination video

For a big period of the time that I worked for Nelson Mandela Bay the tagline used by the organisation was “Discover Freedom”.  It was a play on words using the link of Nelson Mandela’s name and freedom from Apartheid but also referred to the freedom the city offers visitors to choose what they want to do without saying “you have to do this or that”, our wide open spaces, wildlife and many attractions.  When I started working there in 2007 this was the destination marketing video that we were using and to be honest, I still enjoy it.