Summerwood Wind Band performing Mary’s Boy Child

With Christmas two days away this week’s Video Friday post features a performance of “Mary’s Boy Child” by the Summerwood Primary School’s wind band at the recent Christmas in the Home exhibit at The Boardwalk posted by Derrick Badenhorst on YouTube.

Nelson Mandela Bay from the air

I just realised that I don’t have a photo on hand to post for today so I have decided to swop tomorrow’s Video Friday post with today and post a video instead.  This week’s featured video is a stunning one by Hurricane Productions showing some of Nelson Mandela Bay’s favorite destinations and attractions from the air.

Nelson Mandela Bay – An African Wildlife Adventure Hotspot

Today I want to post a promotional video done for Nelson Mandela Bay by Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism a few months ago featuring our wonderful wildlife and natural offering. 
Algoa Bay, the coastal region of Nelson Mandela Bay, boasts 40 km of magnificent golden beaches as well as one of the most diverse marine eco systems in the world. This includes islands with most importantly the largest Cape Gannetry in the world (110 000 breeding pairs) as well as over 50% of the worlds African Penguin population. Algoa Bay has also been proclaimed as a international hope spot for the African Penguin and also as the Dolphin Capital of the world. 

With its perfect combination of warm water, calm sea and fair breezes, it is one of the best sailing venues in the world and a Mecca for all beach and water sport enthusiasts. Water temperatures vary between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius during summer and 14 to 19 degrees Celsius during winter. 

From rocky shores to indigenous floral fynbos, from stretches of golden beaches and unspoilt sand-dunes to lush indigenous forest and untamed wilderness areas, the nature reserves within, and on the outskirts of Nelson Mandela Bay offer a wonderful range of options to the great outdoors. 

Big 7 and other safari’s in and around Nelson Mandela Bay is an activity everyone should enjoy. The numerous game reserves in and around the city offer the perfect mix of fauna and flora. These splendid, sometimes untouched areas are developing into some of South Africa’s main game viewing destinations. 

The story of Mastertons

This past week the iconic Port Elizabeth coffee roastery, Mastertons, launched their new proudly Port Elizabeth BLEND OF THE BAY coffee mix.  Mastertons have been around the city since 1924 and for today’s Video Friday post I am posting a video by Lunaticscentral featuring owner James Masterton relating the history of Mastertons and some of his memories and plans.

Expedition Africa Baviaans 2017 promo

Expedition Africa is the South African leg of the Adventure Racing World Series.  A race normally covers a distance of about 500 km during which teams of four (usually three men and a woman) cover the distance by running, cycling, paddling, swimming, climbing and doing rope work.  The teams have to plot the easiest way from check point to check point and the top teams barely stop to sleep over the five days it takes them to cover the distance.  The back makers complete it in about ten days which shows that this isn’t something for just everybody.  This year’s Expedition Africa took place on the Garden Route between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay and the Kouga and Baviaans region was selected to host the event in 2017.  The home base will be at Cape St Francis Resort with the course, which stays a secret until the actual start of the race, covering the surrounding area and into the Baviaanskloof.  The promotional video for the race have just been released and I decided to share it with you today for Video Friday.

The longest surfski wave in the world

Every now and then I see a video pop up on Facebook or YouTube and just wish that I could do it.  Yesterday was a day like that again.  It shows a couple of surfski paddlers grab a wave off Cape Recife and ride it for over 2 minutes. How can one not want to try it as well?
Dawid and Jasper Mocke of Mocke Paddling is busy planning a 10 Days 5 Capes paddling expedition in Feb / March 2017 which will take them and those who book the trip with them around Cape Point, Cape Aghulas, Cape Seal and the Knysna Heads, Cape St Francis and the lastly Cape Recife. 

This video was obviously shot as part of their recce of the area and just shows what they can expect when they do it next year.

Ironman 70.3 World Champs coming to Port Elizabeth in 2018

Probably one of the biggest pieces of sport news of the year broke about two or three weeks ago when Port Elizabeth and Nelson Mandela Bay was announced at hosts for the Ironman 70.3 (also known as Half Ironman) World Champs in 2018.  The event is even bigger than the annual Ironman African Championship that takes place in the city and attracts over 3 000 competitors from around 70 countries along with all their families, supporters as well as international media.  It also takes place over two days with the women competing on 1 Sept 2018 and the men on the 2nd. Huge news for the city and a boost for tourism with the international exposure we will receive in addition to the money that will be coming in along with the competitors and their supporters. Check out this awesome promotional video they have put together for the announcement.